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Prathayini Paramanathan


Prathayini Paramanathan is a medical school student aspiring to practise in the field of Neurology. Outside of education, she has a perpetual love for music, and is a certified Pianist and Violinist by the Associate of The Royal Conservatory of Music. Her passion for music and her willingness to support individuals in their journey in music has led her into creating Isai Empire Inc along with her family. Together, they want to bring their vision to life – the vision that music will interconnect the world.


Vithusayni Paramanathan


Vithusayni Paramanathan is an undergraduate student in the field of Criminology. She too shows a strong interest in music. She is a student of AR Rahman’s KC Conservatory of Music, and is currently learning Carnatic and Western Vocal Music, Carnatic Violin, and Western Guitar. She takes part in musical events and competitions across the globe such as TVI’s Superstar Junior 3, Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival, and Shakthi TV’s Global Super Star. Being an avid, dedicated Canadian Artist, she has created Isai Empire Inc along with her family to expand the musical platforms for Canadian and international Artists.